How to use Instagram Hashtags

How do you use Instagram hashtags? Let me enlighten you.


Instagram hashtags are the best way to get your posts in front of people to gain followers and build your brand.


But, how do you use them to your advantage?


If you’ve ever wondered how hashtags work and how to make them work for you keep reading.


Most people starting on Instagram have no clue on how to use hashtags and how they work. You want to use them to get people to look at your posts in order to generate followers that turn into fans, that turn into people that go to your website, that buy your stuff, that pay you money, and that improve your lifestyle.


So why is it that so many entrepreneurs do not use the hashtags on Instagram the right way? Ignorance, they just don’t know. Let me demystify the whole hashtag thing for you.


Why using the right hashtags matter…


Instagram uses an algorithm called the Unicorn to direct people to the content that they want to see and makes recommendations based on this algorithm as to what it suggests to the people using Instagram. A big part of recommending is based on your profile, and a bigger part is how you use hashtags.


Many people throw out hashtags randomly and are not effective in gaining attraction to their business accounts. So, you want to use hashtags that draw people to you. Using Instagram as a marketing platform is much easier if you create hashtags that get you noticed.

Without the right hashtags and using them in a way that is correct on Instagram, you will not get noticed at all.


The hashtags are two things, number one, they are they way that the Instagram search engine works. When someone types something in the search bar the website will scour all the different posts looking for either the exact phrase that the hashtag is, or something really close.


The second thing is that it searches profiles for the hashtags and locates people that specialize in a particular thing. Because of this, it is important to set up your profile with a couple of hashtags that describe your business and what you do so that people can find you. Checkout my account at @mcfallri to see how my profile is set up.


Before you post anything, you want to look for relevant hashtags for your business. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in each post and when just starting, you should maximize them in your posts to get in front of the most people. It may seem a little spammy to you to put that many hashtags each post, but its not. How many of you go on Instagram to read a post, then take the time to read through every hashtag a person uses? I’m sure very few if any.


One thing to note is that Instagram also keeps track of the hashtags you use, so if you are constantly using the same hashtags in every post, then you become less relevant and you will creep lower on the search results. How do you combat this?


The first thing you should do is come up with four or five broad areas to target. Before I started posting on Instagram the four target areas for hashtags was entrepreneur, online marketing, motivation, and affiliate marketing. The next thing I did was go onto Instagram and type each one of these into the search bar and that pulled up the most relevant information.


To make sure you get the most exposure, you want to get hashtags in four different categories. Obviously, the most used of a particular tag will sometimes have a few million posts related to it. Then under the main hashtag, Instagram will put below a list of other related hashtags to the one you put in.


Now it comes to actually building the list, and here is the breakdown:


1 – Hashtag with 500,000 or more posts

1 – Hashtag with 300,000 to 499,999 posts

1 – Hashtag with 100,000 to 399,999 posts

2 – Hashtags with 10,000 to 99,999 posts


You want to do this seven times for each major category that you came up with, so each of the four have 35 hashtags each. This will give you a total of 140 hashtags if you have four, and 175 if you have 5.


When it comes time to actually create your posts, you want to use one set of the hashtags as described above (the 1/1/1/2 group) and pick rows from each of your major groups for each one until you have a total of 30. If you do it this way, you will have an infinite combination of hashtags to use and this will help you keep relevant in Instagram’s search.


Relevance on Instagram starts here.


If you do not know how to use Instagram hashtags you are wasting your time in putting any on your posts. You can easily find the right hashtags for your posts and use them in a way that grows your following. Use these simple steps to help you get the followers you want.

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