Your Instagram profile not getting you the results you want? Let me enlighten you by telling you how to maximize your Instagram profile.

When you get your business on Instagram, you must set up your Instagram profile the right way. You want to build your following to sell to. The way you set up your profile is just as important as the content that you post. As important as the hashtags you use.

Many people struggle on Instagram when they start their businesses or decide to create an Instagram account.  They do not know how it works. Instagram is a great place to find people that are looking for what you sell. It’s easy to find them.

You just need to know how to make Instagram work for you. If you work on it the right way, people will actually come to you. The best part is that you can find great leads through Instagram absolutely free!

I am going to assume that you know how to or have already set up your Instagram business account.

If you have not or do not know how to, just jump on YouTube. Find one of the many videos that show you how. There are many great videos on there. They will walk you through setting up your Instagram business account.

For those of you that have an account, let’s get it working for you.

How Instagram Works

So, let’s first dive into how Instagram works so you’ll know how to maximize your Instagram profile. I won’t bore you with a lot of technical stuff, just the basics.

Instagram uses an algorithm determine how each person interacts with other people. This is based on two things called Unicorn and your Goodness score. Think of Unicorn as a system that Instagram uses to compile data and be able to search that data.

That data could be users, hashtags, locations, and the different types of posts that people put on Instagram. It’s the way that Instagram links these different kinds of data together if they fit.

Basically, when you put your information on Instagram, it goes through and checks it against all the other data. This is to see if there are similarities.

Have you ever wondered why Instagram kinda knows what you like and send you?

Let’s say you and your friends are following your favorite football team on Instagram. Because of this Instagram will tell itself that this football team is in your social network and is something you like. It will send you photos, videos, and recommended people to follow based off of other things related to this football team.

This is the purpose of the Unicorn…

Then there is the Goodness Score. That is basically the score that determines how relevant your post is going to be when other users are searching for it. The algorithm will look at the photos, what is written, the location, and hashtags. It also looks at who the author is to determine this score.

As you can see by what the algorithm looks at, when you are only starting you won’t be high in the ranks..

Setting up Your Profile

With the way that Instagram determines how you get noticed, it is extremely important to maximize your Instagram profile to get the best results from the get-go.

To see how this all fits together, jump on my profile on Instagram, just look up

Your Instagram bio is limited to only 150 characters.

The first must is to have a professional logo on you page so that when you do have people visit your page, you will look legitimate. Your username should be something that is relevant to your business. For instance, my company name is McFall Research International, and my webpage is, and my Instagram is mcfallri so everything is congruent.

When it comes to your bio description, you must be very deliberate in what you put there.

This is because whatever is in your bio can determine whether or not Instagram directs people to you when they search for something.

The way Instagram looks at bio’s is two ways actually. Number one, when people create a bio, they won’t likely change it at all once it is set up. Secondly, your bio is not based on your login activity, in other words it is still there whether you login or not.

In the description, if you want to be noticed for something you sell, you should be specific in what you are selling. For instance, let’s say you sell baseball hats and want to start marketing through your profile.

Let’s say you put only that you sell hats on your profile, and not baseball hats. When that potential customer searches for baseball hats, your profile won’t come up.

Make sure you are specific to your niche when you are setting up your profile.

Finally, in your bio, it is important to put in a couple hashtags and a link to your website or blog to know where to find you.

Finding Relevant Hashtags

To find relevant hashtags, simply type in a word in the search bar on Instagram that relates to your business

Look at the number of posts associated with that hashtag. Keep in mind that the hashtags with more posts means that you will be less likely to be seen. This is because of the number of times it is used by others.

My recommendation is to pick a hashtag that has 500,000 or more posts. Then pick one that has 10,000 to 100,000 posts. You can also throw in one that is in between that will get you a total of three.

When you start creating posts and using hashtags, you will start to be noticed more. This is on top of the hashtags on your bio.

A couple of other things to take note of when setting up your profile are your bio name and adding some flair to your bio. Your bio name should be only a few words and is different than your account name. In this name you want to be able to describe what you do and use a couple of key words. Use words that tells your audience what you do.

Another thing that will add flair to your bio is to use emojis to separate things in your bio description. This is an easy and space-saving way to add visuals into your profile. It will also break up the text.

The last thing about your profile is to make sure you put your contact information under the edit profile area. If people don’t know how to contact you, then all the work you have done is a waste of time.

Wrapping it up

To be successful on Instagram, you must maximize your Instagram profile the right way. Its just as important as the content you throw out there and the way you use hashtags in your posts.

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