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Do you like phone sales and are looking for a side gig or full-time employment?

When you are starting a home based or online business you may need to find some quick extra cash to put into your business.

When I started my business one of the places on the web I found was a website called Overpass (www.overpass.com) that was a website that offer gigs for people that are into sales and were looking for either part time or full time work from home.

Overpass is a website that you can go to if you are looking to supplement your income or are looking for full-time work in telemarketing and phone sales. They are based out of New Jersey and put together companies with freelancers to work on specific jobs or gigs that is contract work.

For the person looking for a position, you must create a free account and input a little job history, along with giving a demonstration of your phone skills by reading a script that they record for potential employers to listen to.

I liked the ease of signing up for the program, it was very simple and they were on the phone with me right away to make sure I had my profile set up properly and had all the information to get the best potential opportunities that fit my needs. Once everything was set up, they told me to get on and apply for 25 jobs a week and that it would take about three weeks to get me going on my first gig.

I told them from the outset that I had a full-time job and would only be able to work from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday, and some on the weekends, which they have you document on your account.

The premise of this website is that they give you companies to work for, who give you leads to call, have you login to their website during your work-time, and document all your activity on their CRM. This lets them and the person you are working for validate you are doing the work assigned to you. It’s a great premise in theory. So, I started applying to jobs.

Within a couple days I had a few people interested in talking to me. The first was a online marketing company in Colorado that was trying to find new customers and wanted someone that could call incoming leads. We had a great interview, and I agreed to take the gig. I am in the Midwest, so the time was perfect as I would be making calls in the early afternoon in Colorado from where I was.

I got the gig on Wednesday and we agreed to get started the following Monday. Monday came around and the guy asked me to wait until Tuesday, and Tuesday the communication was crickets. I called the number listed on the email for my account manager and the first real red flag came up. It went to voice message and the mailbox was a Google phone number. This is not necessarily a bad thing except the voice answering was the standard Google announcement rather than a personalized business announcement.

I then talked to a guy in New York City and he wanted me to generate my own leads. With Overpass, you are supposed to have leads given to you because you are measured by the time you spend on the phone converting leads to prospects, and the CRM system measures this. So, I called the company and asked them about this and that opportunity went away.

My last attempt was a guy in New Jersey that wanted to interview me so I set up a time. It was at 9:00in the morning when I had on my schedule to be driving to an appointment with one of my customers. That morning, one of my customers needed an emergency delivery and I was 15 minutes late to get the interview call because of this.

As soon as I got out of my office and on the way to my customer I sent an immediate text to the guy I was interviewing with apologizing that I missed our interview and explained the reason why. He very rudely said he was very disappointed that I missed the interview and I simply told him that we could let Overpass know that we weren’t working together.

So, what do I think about Overpass… well, they suck.

First off, the vetting process they use for potential employers is completely subpar. They have their terms and conditions stated clearly, but when they bring a company on to look for potential employees or subcontractors they do not use due diligence to make sure they fit the criteria.

If you are not actively searching and communicating with them, they completely ignore you. Once I was finished with the third guy, I never heard back from anyone at Overpass.

I have the education, knowledge, and experience to easily be a great subcontractor for many of the companies on their website looking for a competent person to do work for them.

Bottom line is, if you are looking for a phone sales position, and go to Overpass, be prepared to go through a lot of bullshit to find something to help supplement your income or get a full-time gig. The concept of this company is an awesome idea, their execution of it needs fixed.

So should you use Overpass to look for work?

This is a place that you can definitely find some work for an okay amount per hour for sitting in your home dialing the phone.

If you choose this route though, it will take much more effort on your part than they will put into you.
Because they don’t vet companies very well in my opinion, you may go through a few before you actually land an opportunity.

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