You Can Make Money Shopping… Really?

Say what? I can make money shopping?


If you like shopping and want to make money, I have a great idea for you! This may apply more to women than men, but men can make a killing too.


What am I talking about here?


My wife loves shopping, and we go to stores all the time. I’m sure many of you do too lol


She is thankfully a frugal shopper though and always heads to the clearance racks. While standing there one day like all obligatory husbands do, I started looking at the clothes that were on the rack. I noticed that many were discounted 70 to 90 percent.


The next time we went to the store (it wasn’t that much after the last visit) I started looking at the clothes again. I took out my phone and opened my Amazon app, and saw that the things on the rack were selling like wildfire and what they were going for was close to retail value.


A pair of jeans that were on Amazon for about $35 retailed for $45, and they were on the clearance rack for $7.


I started going through more and more clothes and found the same thing to be true. This store was practically giving the stuff away, it was all brand new with tags still on them.


Well an idea popped into my head… what if I could buy these discounted clothes then throw them on Amazon and sell them at a huge profit? You can too!

There is a problem in the United States and probably around the world by now fueled by the incessant need of people to have the newest and the best of everything, so companies are playing to that a lot. Think about Christmas time, do you dare go out on Black Friday?


You’ll likely get mauled or stampeded by the thousands of people that have to be first in the door. In the past, companies used to come up with a new line of clothes each season, so in spring you would have the latest fashion, then in summer, fall, and winter.


The problem that has come up is that every major retailer is now selling the latest and hottest lineup nearly every week, and people are paying to keep up. This creates a void because with these retailers having to change their inventory so much, the old inventory piles up and they have to get rid of it.


Have you ever gone to Goodwill and found a brand-new piece of clothing with the tag still on it? I have.


This is good news to people like you and I because there is still a hell of a lot of people that will still buy that “old” (week-old) new stuff and you can take advantage of that in your own business. You can go to places like Kohl’s, JC Penny, and even Macy’s and find these little gems worth a lot of money.


Walk around all these stores and you will find racks and racks of brand-new clothes that are deeply discounted.

So how does it work?


You can start small and work your way up too. I saw jeans and shirts at Kohl’s for as little as $3.00 to $7.00 that retailed anywhere from $18.00 to $40.00. You could literally walk in there with $100 and start your inventory to sell.


I would open up Amazon on your smartphone and start going through the racks. Check out what they are selling for including shipping and see if the price you can get it for along with shipping can get you a profit. Minimum, I would go for a 50% net profit and it is easy to do.


Go home and set up an Amazon account then post them. The only other expense you have is a bag to ship them in and the actual costs of shipping.


As you start making money, you can also go higher end. For instance, you can go into Macy’s and find a Michael Kors bag that normally costs $300 to $350 and pick it up for $100 to $120. I’ve done this. Even if you sell it for $200.00, you’ve made a hell of a profit.


You may ask if this trend will continue and I say yes because the trend in this country and around the world is more and more insane to buy new things. I’ve seen new second hand stores popping up where I am from that are even now buying “gently” used clothes and reselling them.


If you or your spouse loves shopping, this may be a great way to turn that hobby into a great business.


Jump on this bandwagon and earn some big bucks


In the last four decades, the habits of people have changed tremendously. First, people today have about ten times more clothes than they did in the past. Secondly, we are in such a material driven society that people are always shopping.


You can take advantage of this trend and make a ton of money on what the big retailers think is outdated. Go for women’s fashion and large people’s fashion especially as this will be your largest and most lucrative market.


So is this something you can do?


If you are looking for a business that you can start with relatively little upfront cost and selling products that you actually own, you should do this.


If you dońt mind going shopping to find your inventory, working through Amazon or eBay, and visiting the post office to ship things to your customers this is something you can do.


It’s an easy business to do with a little research on the products on the racks and easy to sell in a way that you dońt have to interact with customers directly.


So jump into your car and check out the clearance racks to get your business started today!


Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

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